Wednesday’s Life Drawings

Every Wednesday all through the year the Danville Life Drawing Group meets for two hours to draw from the live nude model. This is a time-honored practice for artists to improve their drawing skills.


We are very fortunate to have several excellent professional models to work with considering the relatively remote rural area in which we work. This week we started with our usual series of five-minute poses and then went on to longer poses, some lasting up to 30 minutes. Again, this week I’m back to using my favorite medium, pastels.

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Life Drawings”

  1. Love!! Took my breath away, they did! I’m terrible at pastels but i can appreciate them just fine. Works like this give me the pleasing delusion that maybe I’ll be ‘suddenly’ good at pastels. Ah but i shouldn’t give up. Love these. I’m definitely following you to keep up with your work. wow.


    1. Tuba, you’ve made my day! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. Stick with the pastels; practice will make better if not perfect!!. What I like about them is that using them allows you to get the best of drawing and painting all at once. I like to use the length (side) of the pastel sticks to put down broad strokes (like using a big brush with paint). It’s like dry painting, you have all the color you can want (including YELLOW!) but you can draw at the same time. So glad you like the drawings. There will be more…make sure you check out the other life drawing pages on the website. And thanks very much for writing.

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      1. hahaha happy to know that! And no worries, at all! I’ve made one really good piece with pastels and God forbid i let myself become a one hit wonder haha I intend on making art of a sam smith photo i saw online that i loved. In every medium, i mean. Big dream, lil man as they say haha. I’ll try pastels the way you just described! Do you have a post dedicated to being a tutorial that you can give me a link for, maybe? GAH i do love yellow too much haha I loved your drawings!! No worries again 😀


  2. Tuba, I don’t have a tutorial available but I’d suggest just looking at the drawings that you really like (full size) and look for where I use the side of the pastel and where I draw line work with the tip end. You might just play around with a couple of colors and use those two techniques to make some images (of anything-doesn’t have to be a figure or portrait). If you end up with something that you feel good about send it to me. I’ll be happy to take a look. Good luck.


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