“Doodle” Abstractions

One of the things I am enjoying most about using the iPad with Procreate app is the variety of artistic expression that is readily available. Playing with the numerous tools, colors and textures has been both exploratory and meditative. I have wanted to wander through the possibilities of abstraction and, using that as a basis, freely playing (doodling) with many of the elements available in Procreate, I have tried to “improvise” coherent and balanced compositions. They start from simple combinations of shapes or colors and, gradually pieced together, they evolve in a kind of collage, ending as something that makes some kind of sense to me. It’s a kind of personal magic. I find it interesting that there is both a meditative sense and an exhilarating creative burst in putting these compositions together. This “free-wheeling” approach has helped me to learn some of the tools and techniques of using Procreate as well as enabling me to create something new.

abstract one “improvisation” with Procreate app on iPad
abstract two “improvisation” with Procreate app on iPad
abstract three “improvisation” with Procreate app on iPad
abstract four “improvisation” with Procreate app on iPad

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

4 thoughts on ““Doodle” Abstractions”

    1. Thanks Donna. I’ve been enjoying doing these. For whatever they are worth, they have provided a new burst of creative energy for me and that in the midst of winter which is usually a down time for me creatively. So I’m happy…


    1. Thanks Ruth. Kandinsky and others have talked about a relationship of color and music and emotional responses so you are not alone. These abstractions are not meant to be profound works but merely creative expressions, done spontaneously, trying to make something interesting and complete in itself. Glad you like them.


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