New Abstractions

Putting these abstract designs together has been a wonderful way to learn some of the capabilities of the Procreate app for iPad. In addition, it had been an adventure in what  might be called “cumulative composition”. I usually start with a base layer of either a solid color or of closely related colors and gradually add elements with the addition of several more layers. I call it “cumulative” because I don’t start with a plan for what it will look like. I just put some elements down and try to build up a composition piece by piece, as a collage, until it feels complete. In that sense, it seems akin to an improvisation.

An organizing theme may be color relationships or variations of a given shape (rectangle, square, circle). One of the techniques available in the app is to vary the transparency of elements on a layer. Using that, shapes can be intersected and combined in various ways which at the same time mixes the overlapped colors, adding variety. The main thing I aim for is a sense of balance, variety and textural consistency within each composition.

Creating these abstractions is at once a kind of meditation and a search for visual unity. It is both calming and creatively energizing at the same time. That may sound contradictory but it describes the way I feel while constructing these images.


warm & cool
“Warm & Cool”  created on iPad using Procreate app
“Nocturnal”  created on iPad using Procreate app
Sand Painting.jpg
“Sand Painting”  created on iPad using Procreate app

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

2 thoughts on “New Abstractions”

  1. I like all 3 of these works. I really like the little touches of texture in all of them. I can’t decided which I like most as there’s something about all of them that is attractive to my eye.


    1. Thanks Donna. They were really interesting to put together. I’m trying to use different color combinations and even though I’m using many of the same elements, the fun is in trying to keep all of the compositions fresh and individual. Glad you like ’em!

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