Life Drawings / February 27

My infatuation with drawing on the iPad continues and I again used it in our weekly life drawing session. I’m using Procreate app and an Apple pencil to do the drawing as I have been for the last two months. For life drawing I mainly use two of the “brushes” (drawing tools) in Procreate; 6B Pencil and Willow Charcoal (digital simulations of those two traditional mediums). For the shorter poses I used the 6B pencil to start with a line drawing of the figure. Then, if time allowed, I added some colors for tone with the side of the 6B pencil or a reduced size of willow charcoal. For the longer poses I generally started with the willow charcoal and created a large overall shape of the figure and then added line work and additional color over it to complete the drawing. The color palette for the short poses consisted of six warm related hues covering light to dark values. For the longer poses, I added several colors for backgrounds.

Upper row – body colors
Lower row – additional colors for background

Short poses (5 minutes)

Longer poses

25 minute pose drawn in Procreate app on iPad with Apple pencil
25 minute pose drawn in Procreate app on iPad with Apple pencil
25 minute pose drawn in Procreate app on iPad with Apple pencil

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

2 thoughts on “Life Drawings / February 27”

  1. To me, your nudes have an air of sensual tranquility. The faces and color combinations – especially the first drawing from the longer poses – keep reminding me of Modigliani’s women portraits.


    1. Thanks so much Laureen. That’s very high praise. I love Modigliani’s nudes! I don’t intentionally try to emulate him but, as you know, all the artists that we admire influence us in various ways. I hope to be getting back to using pastels for the life drawings soon. The iPad is working well but I miss the robustness of working in a larger format (18″ x 24″) and the physicality of standing in front of an easel. Stay tuned…Thanks for writing.

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