Emblematic Abstracts

Using just three bold colors in combination, gold, black, and red, these latest Procreate images evolved into rather emblematic designs. As always, I didn’t start out with a particular plan except to limit the designs to these three colors. What happened along the way surprised me. They all have an emblematic quality that seems to represent different cultures or regions in some nebulous way. This was totally unintentional.

I started creating shapes of various sizes as usual and arranging them in what I thought were interesting combinations. It seems that confining the designs to these three colors somehow directed me towards a formal “emblematic” result. These colors along with many patterns are present in the art of several cultures and I must have subliminally latched on to some connection with that. To me, they look variously African, Japanese or Middle Eastern. I can’t really pinpoint how it happened but they do seem to represent different cultures or regions of the world. Maybe there is a universality to the varied arts of humanity that can’t be ignored.

A couple of notes on the construction of these designs. You’ll notice that in three of them, there are repeating patterns running through some areas. These were created by using “brushes” in Procreate that, in effect, “paint” the pattern over the existing color. Several generous users of Procreate have created a variety of original brushes that they have shared online. I used some of those as well as the standard brushes that come with the app. Although I limited myself to the three colors mentioned, gold, black and red, various shades or tints of those occur as a result of using transparency between layers. When one color is placed over another and the top object is made semi transparent, it mixes with the lower object’s color to form a new shade or hue.

I’m curious to see if any readers find the cultural connections I mentioned or any other cultures or places that come to mind when viewing these. All comments would be most welcome. Thanks, as always, for following the blog.

The two panels with overlapping patterns were created by using lace patterned brushes in Procreate, the left has gold over black and the right has black over gold background
The side panels were created with a pattern brush over underlying colors.
Two different pattern brushes were used in this design

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

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