Blue and Yellow

Today I’m featuring the latest products from my creative “toys”, iPad with Procreate and iColorama. They are both abstracts, one mainly yellow and the other predominantly blue. They both incorporate layers some of which use intricate botanical patterns. These patterns are pre-designed in the brushes used to “paint” those layers. I have mentioned using these “brushes” in the past but have not shown the patterns as they appear when “brushed on”. So here are the raw patterns that were used in today’s abstracts.

The top two patterns were used in the yellow abstract and the bottom one in the blue

Of course, many alterations occurred in the process of creating the finished compositions but I thought it might be of interest to show these elements before the changes.

Both the blue and yellow designs were created in Procreate app and then transformations were done in iColorama app.

Original blue composition done in Procreate
You can see the botanical design at top and bottom
Transformations in iColorama
Transformed in iColorama to simulate three dimensional “relief”
This and the following examples show more drastic transformations done in iColorama
All of these changes were made from the same original Procreate design using various tools in iColorama
This is a highly altered kaleidoscopic version of a section of the original…
As is this one with the addition of “relief”
Original yellow composition done in Procreate
Note that the two different botanical patterns used at top and bottom have been “warped” or stretched from their original form
Transformations in iColorama
“Relief” added
Altered color and emphasis on edges
Kaleidoscopic transformation
Another kaleidoscopic transformation

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

2 thoughts on “Blue and Yellow”

  1. I like these. They’re very colorful and interesting to look at. I’ve always enjoyed kaleidoscopic pictures.


    1. Me too! I think there’s something comforting in the symmetry and “wholeness” of them. Glad you like these. With these apps you can make an infinite number of variations like these. It’s addicting.


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