Blue and Yellow / 2

It’s the return (revenge?) of the abstracts!

Yesterday I posted recent abstracts mainly blue and yellow in color and featuring the use of pattern brushes in Procreate app for iPad. Today’s post will be similar in color content but these new abstract designs do not make use of pattern brushes to compose the images. Instead, these are based on arrangements of geometric objects and lines mainly in flat colors with minimal texture added. As in yesterday’s posting, most of the “magic” occurs when the original designs are transformed with the tools in iColorama app.

The transformations in iColorama consist mainly of the addition of surface texture, optical reshaping (some kaleidoscopic), and radical changes to the colors of the originals. iColorama has an immense library of tools in various categories, i.e. “tone”, “Style”, “Effects”, “Texture”, etc. and under each category there are separate filters or settings such as “Blend”, “Distort”, “Light”, “Glow”, “Blur”, etc. There are even more avenues of change under these subheadings that allow for fine tuning and more exact “tweaks” to the existing modifications. Changes can be saved and modified again under a different category of tools. The end result can be saved in several formats such as .jpg, .png, etc. With all of these possibilities for experimentation, it’s easy to see why I continue to be captivated by this combination of apps.

Original blue composition done in Procreate
The only texture added to the original design is in the two large blue shapes and the large pink shape in the central area
Alterations in iColorama
Surface texture added to original design
Additional color and texture changes
Original yellow composition done in Procreate
Alterations in iColorama
surface texture added
additional changes in iColorama

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

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