Abstract Ideas

I have been posting abstract images created in Procreate app for the iPad since last December. That’s when I purchased the iPad and app along with an Apple pencil. I’m posting four new images today but rather than describe each separately, I’ll explain my working process in creating them and all of the earlier ones.

Where do the ideas come from? I don’t really know other than to say that they evolve from very simple elements into complex compositions through the process of selection (sounds Darwinian…hmm). To start, I usually create a single element, a geometric object (circle, square, etc.) or a background color or texture. Every time I add another element, a new relationship between objects develops. The proportions of size between elements or the color relationship or the texture of the objects sets off a changing dynamic between all of them. This is where the above mentioned “process of selection” comes in. In talking about “process” in art, how things actually get created, what really happens is that the artist continually makes decisions about what to keep and what to throw out. But it’s more complicated. As I’m working on one of these abstracts, adding and deleting individual pieces, the composition is constantly changing and my response to the changes leads me, eventually, to a point where it begins to come together, a “critical mass”. How do I know I’m going in the right direction? I don’t until I see it.

Artists don’t create in a vacuum. I’m influenced by many different artists’ work and by my own way of “seeing” that evolves, in part, from observing their creations and looking at nature with an aesthetic eye. Over time, I and every other artist develops a unique aesthetic sense of what makes something “artful”. That is what I depend on to guide me towards the completion of a given composition. I try to aim for a sense of balance or interconnectedness between the elements in a composition. It’s really a subjective thing. If it looks “right”, I go in a certain direction and let serendipity and my aesthetic sense find that “critical mass” when the whole thing begins to gel.

Creativity is a process of starting with an idea and growing it into something complete and with a life of its own. These new compositions are the most recent results of that process. I hope you find them interesting.

Created in Procreate app on iPad
Created in Procreate app on iPad / altered in iColorama app
Created in Procreate app on iPad
Created in Procreate app on iPad

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

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