Painting by Numbers?

No! It’s DRAWING…WITH…numbers. There was a recent update to Procreate, the iPad app which I have been using to create these abstract designs. Included in the update is the ability to add text to the drawings. In addition to letters, numbers are available in various fonts from the included virtual keyboard. I have incorporated several numbers as independent shapes in these three compositions. There is no significance to the numbers. They are just interesting shapes dropped into the drawings as in a “collage”.

The three compositions have something else in common. I used the same color palette for all three. Normally, I prefer a warm palette featuring reds, oranges and yellows but I thought it would be fun to try a different combination of rather cooler colors with pale lavenders, pinks and blues with the occasional hint of subdued green.

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

6 thoughts on “Painting by Numbers?”

    1. Thanks Laureen. If you want to compare, take a look at my postings from 4/16, 4/21 and 5/7. Those are typical of my warm palette “opuses”. It was fun to try this palette but seemed to take longer than usual to put the three images together. I think I just feel more comfortable working with the warms or a more mixed palette. Glad you like them. I enjoyed seeing your report from Fabriano. You must have had a wonderful experience. BTW I love your current postings of the “pooches”. I tried to leave a “like” but for some reason could not get WordPress to take it. Any ideas as to why that might be. Have had the same problem leaving messages on other WordPress sites.


      1. Hi Jeff. Yes, you do seem at home with the warm palette. Nevertheless, I liked this experiment very much. Thank you for the kind words. I also had the same issue with trying to drop a “like” and it didn’t take. But I can’t remember how I solved the problem. It still happens sometimes. Were you perhaps not logged in to WordPress?


        1. Again, I’m glad you liked the cooler palette images. Re: WordPress, I have re-entered sign-in info and still haven’t been able to make comments or leave a “like” on several blog sites. Yet I could do so on others. Digital life is far too complicated for us mortals. Best, Jeff


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