Muted Abstracts

I love strong coffee, rich flavors and bright, saturated colors. When I set myself the task of creating this set of abstracts with subdued pastel shades of color it did not come together easily. In Procreate app for iPad, I used a fixed pallet of very pale colors leaning towards the cool end of the spectrum with a few warmer colors for variety. I tried to keep the values close as well, without bright and dark contrasts. I must admit, however, that when they were finished and I adjusted them in Photoshop, I couldn’t resist adding a bit of contrast to them. So the end result is less “pastel” than my original intention but I’m happy with the final result.

As with all of my digital abstracts, these were built up in layers composed of geometric shapes, lines and various patterns and textures added along the way. There are tools in Procreate app for controlling the transparency of objects and layers. I used these to add interest by being able to see down through some of the objects to a lower layer. In a couple of them I created drop shadows to make a few of the top objects stand out.

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

2 thoughts on “Muted Abstracts”

  1. I like your choice of colors for these. The last reminds me of a dinner table, set up for some good pork chops and salad. You even included bowls for ice cream!


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