Abstract Collages with Variations

I tried a new approach to creating digital abstracts. Using a couple of my existing digital photos, I radically altered their look in iColorama app and then cut out segments, using them as raw material and pasted them into new abstract compositions.

It was an interesting experiment using existing digital material in the same way that an artist might make a traditional collage using various pieces of cut and pasted paper and other items.

The first of the two original photos is below and under it, the radically altered and abstracted version. It’s interesting to see how the main colors are recognizable in the altered version but the abstracted shapes become highly angular and flattened.

original “Flower” photo
highly altered and flattened version

The abstracted version, in turn, was further altered in color and became the background for this collage.

The altered “Flower” image was used as background; then other elements were created and added in layers in Procreate app to create the digital collage . The bottom horizontal piece (green and gold) was cut from a part of the altered second photo (“Fall Color”)

I later edited the above collage in iColorama and came up with these variations.

variation 1 / added sandstone-like surface texture
variation 2 / added a slightly embossed texture
variation 3 / added an “edgy” look

Now for the second digital photo (“Fall Color”) used as raw material. The original photo, unaltered below.

original digital photo
Highly altered version of lower left corner of that photo. (A piece was cut from the top of this and used in the first (“Flower”) collage as noted above.)
Highly abstracted and altered version of “Fall” photo used as background for the second digital collage.

Here is the second composition based on the abstracted “Fall” photo above.

Second collage. Colors were altered and new elements added in layers above the background in Procreate app

Below are variations of the “Fall” collage.

variation 1 with added painterly brush surface texture
variation 2 with a different brush-like texture
variation 3 / a much more altered version with changes to color and outlining of edges

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

2 thoughts on “Abstract Collages with Variations”

  1. Interesting experiment, Jeff. I can see the relationship between the photos and the first abstracts. But after that, you lost me.


    1. I understand. It was a lot to throw into one posting. The gist of it is that I wanted to use photos as the raw material for making some new abstracts. Through alterations done digitally in iColorama app, I was able to reuse part or all of the changes made to the photos to construct the new images. After that, I used the same app to make the variations. Hope this helps.


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