A Potpourri of Abstracts

Most of the abstract compositions that I have constructed in Procreate app for iPad have been organized around geometric objects created within the app with the addition of lines and textures. I wanted to experiment with a more “painterly” look using some of the brushes designed for that purpose in Procreate. In addition, my plan was to try to reuse material from previously created abstracts in new ways through transformation tools available in Procreate and iColorama app. The four abstracts posted here form a potpourri of results from those experiments.

Since all four of them differ somewhat in the way they were created, I’ll describe my working method for each below the images.


In the above example, Neon, I started by transforming this previous abstract into a simplified geometric pattern in iColorama.

The simplified version was then dropped into Procreate. With the use of a blurring distortion adjustment, it became the background image for “Neon”.

Neon was finished by adding the circle and diagonal lines. On separate layers, using the “light pen” brush, I created the small circle, zigzag and three blue lines.


A new Leaf

The background image for A New Leaf came from a previous abstract composition.

Original previous composition
The bottom area of the original was cut out and transformed in iColorama using a “watercolor” setting. This became the background for “A New Leaf”.

Once the background was set, I cut pieces from the transformed “watercolor” image and arranged them over the background, then added brush strokes and other elements on separate layers to complete A new Leaf. The leaves scattered around the composition were created with a pattern brush that produces clusters of leaves randomly.



For Lattice, I used many different brushes in Procreate to make the various elements of this composition. Some mimicked paintbrushes and some were patterns or textures arranged on multiple layers creating the intricate end result.


Textured Universe

The last composition, Textured Universe, was created in Procreate using many painting and drawing brushes as well as multiple textures. When the image was complete, I brought it into iColorama app and added the raised “relief” texture giving it a more tactile surface.

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

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