Today’s post contains examples of abstract images completed in Procreate app for the iPad along with enhanced variations of them done in iColorama (a photo editing app).

The first image is a digital collage of layered objects and various “painterly” brush strokes. The zebra-like design was created with a pattern brush and applied to several of the geometric objects. The original image is composed of mostly warm colors; reds, oranges, yellows and some greens. When finished, I applied several changes in iColorama. The first variation changes it to a diffused “watercolor” look which simplifies the design while retaining the same basic colors. The second variation completely transforms the colors to a cooler palette with blues and purples along with the original greens and reds. The third variation takes the cooler version and adds surface texture and other subtle changes.

Original completed abstract done in Procreate app
1st Variation – modified in iColorama to look like a watercolor retaining the same warm palette
2nd Variation – colors modified to cooler palette
3rd Variation – surface texture added to variation 2 in iColorama

The slideshow below may help in comparing the changes from the original version to the altered ones in sequence. You can run the slideshow manually by clicking on the pause icon in the upper right and then clicking on any of the four buttons at the bottom.

The next abstraction was done in layers in Procreate. I used a thin line brush to create a squiggly random pattern covering all of one of the layers. Over that I put a couple of layers of rectangular objects and lines to complete the design. A variation was made in iColorama by adding a surface texture that appears pitted to add interest to the original image.

original design with squiggles on one layer and several layers of round and rectangular objects along with lines
the same image with the addition of surface texture from iColorama app

The final abstract was also done in multiple layers in Procreate app. I used more of a “painterly” brush stroke in the lower layers adding objects and lines above in contrasting colors. The central small orange and black objects were textured by scribbling lines through them with the eraser tool allowing the layers underneath to show through. The variation, done in iColorama app suggests a raised or “relief” effect which gives depth to the composition.

original Procreate image
“relief” effect adding depth to the original design

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

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