Three New Abstracts

Above and below are three abstract designs that I just finished creating in Procreate app for iPad. Like all of my previous abstracts, they were built up in layers gradually arriving at a finished image. My intention with all three of these was to re-use material from previous works as well as “found” textures and designs to simulate a traditionally assembled collage. Additional elements were created in Procreate and became part of the creative process.

Click below to see each full-sized image

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

2 thoughts on “Three New Abstracts”

    1. Hi Donna. No significance to the numbers. I just liked the way they fit the rhythm of the design. They’re just used as visual elements like any of the other shapes or colors. We’re just so used to seeing letters and numbers as something to be “read” that we invariably try to make sense of them even if there is nothing to read.


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