Three Palettes

The three abstractions I’m posting today all use different color palettes. All three were created in Procreate for iPad and enhanced in iColorama app and Photoshop Elements for Mac.

The first uses one of my photos taken of a cloister wall at the monastery of St. Paul de Mausole in St. Rémy, France. This was the sanatorium where Van Gogh stayed and painted some of his last and most famous paintings including Starry Night. I used this photo to provide a semi abstract background for the layered objects in the composition. The palette consists of warm reds, oranges and yellows with touches of green and blue for contrast.

photo of a wall at the monastery of St. Paul de Mausole in St. Rémy, France in the background

The next abstract uses a strikingly more analogous palette of greens, yellows and blues. The composition contains more arcs and rounded objects arranged to imply motion.

analogous palette with implied motion

The last composition incorporates a palette that I rarely use, predominantly of blues and purples. As in the mainly green image above, I tried to create motion by using curves against more static objects.

cool analogous palette of blues and purples with implied motion

You can view a larger image of each by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

2 thoughts on “Three Palettes”

  1. Very interesting, Jeff. I can see the wall in the background of the first one. While the second one doesn’t have the wall, it has the impression of it. I’m curious about the bright light in the middle of the purple one.


  2. It’s interesting that you see a wall-like impression in the second (green) abstract. It may just be the texture which looks rather “stoney”. That was created by the particular brushes I used in Procreate and then intensified in iColorama, adding more relief to that texture. Re: the light in the purple one, I found that I was almost finished with the design but there was a “black hole” right in the middle area. I tried several objects but ended up using a tool called the “flare” which creates this star-like luminous effect. As far as any possible meaning to it…for me it was just an interesting light effect to fill the void. People often bring their own thoughts and feelings when viewing art so they might think it’s a super nova exploding, a left-over firework from the 4th of July, or the Star of Bethlehem for all I know. Take your choice or make up something else. OK by me. Thanks for writing.


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