Broad Strokes

While experimenting with abstraction using Procreate and iColorama apps for iPad, I tried to simplify these compositions to very basic elements. All three have highly contrasting black backgrounds. The colors against the background are bright, almost “neon” in character. I used drawing tools that create wide swaths of color and tried to keep the elements as simple as possible while still creating balanced and (hopefully) interesting compositions. In the last image I got a bit carried away with more complexity but I think the sense of directness and “broad strokes” still applies.

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

6 thoughts on “Broad Strokes”

    1. Thanks for writing, Laureen. Your comment about the first one is interesting. I’m only slightly familiar with Max Ernst’s work and doubt that there is a direct influence. I think what you are responding to is the textures that may remind you of some of the surfaces on Ernst’s painting subjects. There are some “brushes” in Procreate that have a gnarled and convoluted texture which were fun to use in this experiment. Although the “strokes” are few and very broad, the texture helps to give interest. A comparison to any great artist’s work is, of course, most flattering. Thank you. Re: the second composition, isn’t it interesting that small circles against a black (or dark) background invariably bring to mind things astronomical? I’ve done several Procreate drawings somewhat like this without intending stars and planets but by the time they are finished, it seems inevitable that they infer outer space. Maybe it’s just the times we are living in. Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts and taking time to communicate.


  1. Jeff, these are interesting to look at. However the colors of the first two don’t really appeal to me. The third one is more attractive, color-wise. I like the curves in the second one.


    1. Hi Donna. Thanks for writing. I’m glad that some of the posting appealed to you. Each of these is an experiment, some more successful than others. It’s all very subjective and I appreciate your comments.

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