Tiny Universes

These visual improvisations were digitally created with color, line, texture and shapes. Looking at times like maps or tiny universes that represent their own innate reality, they are products of the imagination and not representational. Each seems complete in itself and yet they all want to expand outward as if they are only a snapshot of some larger entity.

All three were created in Procreate app for the iPad. One of the techniques I use in making these images is to start with a solid form and cut away shapes (circles or lines) so that the background can show through. All of these use that method along with layering and various amounts of translucency, mixing colors and textures. A semi-embossed texture was finally added in iColorama app.

Author: Jeff Gold

I'm a retired musician (oboist) now living in Vermont and exploring various avenues of art, urban sketching, life drawing, block printing and digital abstractions.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Universes”

    1. Thanks Donna. Actually, I’ve used these color combinations in the past but sometimes in a little different kind of composition. If I’m using rather flat colors I sometimes like to add some additional texture in iColorama app just to give it more interest. Glad you liked them. Thanks for writing.


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